Lesson 15 - Random Object Drawing Practice 

After spending 3 weeks drawing and painting in my journal while looking at castles, gardens, teapots and more, I  appreciate how important it is to be able to draw a reasonable picture of what you see.  How do you get better and more accurate at drawing what you see? Sketching a lot.

Oh, and you need to use the basic drawing techniques as you sketch you already know: contour drawing, measuring, shading and finding basic shapes. 

Your Assignment this week #15 is to pick up random objects you find around your house and sketch them. Try using different art supplies to sketch with. I used a watercolor pencil, an old marker and a standard pencil.

IMPORTANT RULE; don't erase your mistakes, just draw over them.

Here is my first page of random sketches with no erasing.

Lesson 16

Drawing A Breakfast Table in Provence


Photo of the breakfast table in Provence, don' you love the name tags on the jellies?

Sketch from the photo with some shading added with a blending stump.

After seeing the paintings of Pierre Bonnard's tables filled with dishes and food, I thought that subject would make an interesting drawing lesson. I drew from a photo I took of the breakfast table at our B & B., Sous L'Olivier.  It was laden with delicious food and I especially loved the jars of homemade jam in the basket that appeared on the table every morning. I started the drawing by drawing the jelly jars. I used the technique we practiced a few lessons back and drew ellipses for the tops of the jelly jars and for the large basket that held them.  I drew the items in the front of the table giving them more detail then the items in the back, that's called "atmospheric perspective". I drew what I found interesting on the table and left out what I didn't like or want in my picture. I used the length of the jelly basket as a unit of measurement and compared all the other objects I drew to its size to keep the drawing in proportion. I also looked at the space between the objects and to help me place my objects correctly.

Sometimes I drew the shape of that space rather than the object.  Then I added shading and smudged it with my blending tool. I will probably change some of the shading tomorrow when I look at it with rested eyes, but whenever I finish it, I can use it as a roadmap for a painting.  It will help me place the right values of color. 


Your Assignment for Lesson 16 is to line up or find some objects on a table or find a picture of a table laden with interesting things and then sketch it.

Here is the link to a youtube video I made for this lesson  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0o0sbAqPEGGw-18Er82JHA